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Best Stock Market Courses in Hyderabad

What is The Hidden Dhanalaxmi? 

The Hidden Dhanalaxmi is a unique opportunity to become financially independent women by learning the art of the stock market, where every participating woman is expected to learn stock market trading and show profits with learned skills. After a rigorous selection process, We select 100 women for The Hidden Dhanalaxmi challenge. Our mentors will train, guide, and make 100 women ready for The Hidden Dhanalaxmi challenge.

Who can be The Hidden Dhanalaxmi?

  • Women who are 18+, pursuing or completed any under graduation program and willing to learn Stock market Trading from scratch.

  • Having the ability to compete.

  • Those who are curious and want to become financially independent.

  • Note: THE HIDDEN DHANALAXMI is completely free to join.


How much does The Hidden Dhanalaxmi earn?

The top 8 selected Lakshmi's will earn ₹1 lakh each. The best performing Lakshmi or The Hidden Dhanlaxmi will earn ₹5 Lakhs.


Earn 5 lakhs for learning a skill set that makes you a financially independent woman.

  • Learn  ₹1 lakh worth of stock market trading course for free.

  • Learn a skill set that makes you a financially independent woman.

  • The top eight Lakshmi's will earn  ₹ 1 lakh each as trading capital.

  • The top-performing Hidden Laxmi will win 5 Lakhs prize money as capital to start a career.