Does becoming financially independent is your dream?


A bird has the ability to explore the world soon after being released from a cage for its freedom. Do you have the ability to learn a skill that helps you to live independently for your financial freedom? If yes, then you could learn a 1 lakh course free and win up to 5 lakhs.

Basic Qualifications:


A woman who doesn't want to miss an opportunity that builds her future.

A woman who not only needs money but also makes money.

A woman who wants to pay her own bills.

A woman who can focus to learn stock market trading.

A woman who can prove trading is an opportunity to slay and a profession shows a bright way.

Confidence has no competition to prove yourself as DHANALAXMI



With this campaign we want to teach 1 lakh women about stock market trading and investing for free of cost. 

The Company


Educateb4trade is a well-structured organization that helps individuals to kick-start their trading careers. We teach individuals from absolute basics & make them become independent professional traders with our designed unique programs & with our mentorship.

We took an initiative to make 100 full-time women traders.

Founders Word


Stock market trading is the best game of emotional control. Many scientific research proved that women have an edge over men when it comes to mental strength. Unfortunately, women are very less in the stock market sector when compare to men. There is a huge scope for earning and becoming financially strong and independent.


THE HIDDEN DHANALAXMI is a perfect initiative to encourage women towards trading and investing. We at Educateb4trade training our women employees for absolutely free and making them independent decision-makers.


Join the program, spread the word about the program, and encourage women towards stock marketing.